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Video Mapping Kampung Tamansari

Official documentation video of Interakta Video Mapping at Kampung Festival Tamansari 2012:

On Saturday, September 22, 2012, we have showed the Video Mapping on the event Kampung Festival Tamansari 2012, which is part of Helarfest 2012. This Video Mapping is the first time video mapping in Indonesia with the medium are the residential houses, not on the building or monument.

Video Mapping began at 23.30. Video mapping from Interakta is also the peak of the Kampung Festival Tamansari closing ceremony at Desa Taman Hewan, Tamansari, Bandung. Hundreds of visitors of Kampung Festival Tamansari quite fascinated with the video mapping. The theme of the video mapping is about the life of citizens around the Desa Taman Hewan.

Interakta Video Mapping Team at Kampung Festival Tamansari, Helarfest 2012:
Art Director : Eldwin Pradipta
3D Artists : Ivan Reyhan, Satria Prabhawa
Motion Graphic : Agung Bezharie, Ben Valdi Pratama, Raissa Sarastri, Rowland Asfales 
Music & Sound Designer : Etza Meisyara 

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Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

The Next Episode Of This World LP Album (My Violaine Morning)

The Next Episode Of This World LP Album

Released at September 14th 2011 by happy prince records (Japan)

Release our first Full Length album titled "The Next Episode of This World" with Happy Prince records (Japan) this summer. Many things will heard and seen with a new member (Baruna Tyaswara). We also featuring young talented ambient voices Etza Meisyara in a song called "Find a way".
This album is really like a journey of us, and still we shout a message to all people in this earth that we have to "save the earth for a brighter future". In another side of Go Green concept, we try to make people understand how future will be if we can't keep it green. Many destruction will come, Wars, Dissasters, Disseases, and all the things started from our selfs.
Another credits will be given to Bayu Wiranagara who willing to make the album artwork, we'll see his great work so soon!

Netlabel Mixtape: Perempuan // YES NO WAVE MUSIC

01. The Analog Girl – Hyp
02. Ballerinas Killer – Seharusnya Kau Tahu Arti Sepi (Rehearsal-Demo)
03. Sarin – The Tears Never Stop Until I Close My Eyes
04. Angsa & Serigala – Bahagia
05. Etza Meisyara – Marionette Opera
06. Electrical Address – Travolution
07. The Frankenstone – Uncommercialized Prostitue
08. Amazing In Bed – Lagu Hujan (Koil Cover)
09. Pewee In The Garage – Distance
10. The Wispy Hummers – For Now

Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011


F2WL12 Sman 2 Bandung present “Prezoiz second season” 
22 october 09.30 - 17.45
Rosemary | Speaker 1st | Billfold | Molekul | For revenge | Last redemption . etc 
HTM : 15.000 

and 2nd stage performance Etza Meisyara

Tribute to Radiohead @ Seturan Yogyakarta

It’s not small amount people who loves Radiohead in Indonesia, especially in Jogjakarta. We realize how brilliant Edward Thomas Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’brien dan Phil Selway for their music mind until the issues that they convey it with their creativity called music. It’s not a weird thing that they really affect bands or even personal in Indonesia. Few years ago there’s a rumor said Radiohead will be play in Indonesia, but in fact, it’s only an issue and made us dissapointed.

In between the anxiety when they willing play in Indonesia, an idea came up which actually ever happen in other place like Jakarta and Bandung, even in Jogjakarta, there’s a same event ever happen too.

So on, this event made by our hope, love, hoping of their spirit and also an appreciation for each individual who comes to this event.

This event invite designers, artist, and musician to work, do experiments, and respond to everything about radiohead. They interpreted it with their works which will be shown in this event

July, 28th 2011,
at WAJAH Cafe, Yogyakarta

JOGJAKARTA || Roby Dwi Antono | Zendy Aji Sukma | Tampan Destawan S | Anggito Rahman | Nicodemus Freddy Hadiyanto | Mario Marthin | Edwin Prasetya | Hafiedz | Erin Citra | Benu Dharmo feat. Rizal Alam

SOLO || Isa Panic Monsta | Onny Renantalice

JAKARTA || Prasajadi Heru | Inez Tiara | Toro Elmar | Fadhly Muhammad | Idham Rahmanarto | Agatha Vania Karina | Cathy Arnold | Dwi Asrul | Ivan Jasadipura

BANDUNG || Amanda Mitsuri | Etza Meisyara | Rega Ayundya Putri | Kara Andarini | Claudia Dian | Dinan Hadyan

MALANG || Chyntia Puspitasari | Ayu Fajar

SURABAYA || Bagus Prio | Aghastyo Ghalis | Rakhmad Dwi Septian

AUSTRALIA || Lina Zainal

SINGAPORE || Ella Wijt | Debra Raymond | Nhawfal Juma’at

Written by: Terra Bajraghosa

Suddenly Sunday
Bangsa Emas
Damien & Rosemarry
Etza Meisyara (Bandung)
Jack Forest

Support by:
Fur Magazine
Red and White Magazine


My - (Radiohead cover - Jigsaw Falling into place) :

Senin, 13 Juni 2011


Seniman :
Adhya Ranadireksa
Antonio Sebastian Sinaga
Debbie Tea
Dimas Arif Nugroho
Henrycus N. Sunargo
Jabbar Muhammad
M. R. Adytama Pranada

Pengantar Pameran: Jabbar Muhammad & Annisa Rahadi
Accoustic Performance: Etza Meisyara

Opening & Artist Talk :
Jumat, 3 Juni 2011
Pukul 16.00 wib

Galeri Padi Art Ground
Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No. 329
Bandung, Indonesia

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